About Cat...

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It all started when…

A girlfriend of mine wanted to try keto and needed a buddy for the moral support.  I had done a version of low-carb, high-fat through the Atkins philosophy off and on over the years.  So I told the friend I would do it with her but only for the first five days.... well 5 days turned into five weeks.  It dawned on me at about this time, that I NEVER felt like I was dieting.  What an incredible feeling!  

The first "diet" I ever went on was when I was 11 years old.  I thought I was gaining weight (turns out it was puberty) so I tried a Richard Simmons "Deal a Meal." This early introduction to diets triggered an unhealthy way of treating body changes by trying to control food.  My favorite times in my life were when I was pregnant because I didn't have to diet.  And boy oh boy, I ate for two! I gained plenty of baby weight.  To lose the weight afterward I would do Atkins, then Weight Watchers and anything else popular.  I've consistently been up and down the scale for what seems like the last 30 years.  That all changed with keto.

Today, my whole family is involved! We eat healthfully, sugar cravings are diminished and I've watched my children's confidence soar!  I participate in weight training, running and intermittent fasting.  My life is very fulfilling and I know eating a ketogenic diet, the right way, has been key to mine and my family's happiness.

If you'd like to learn more about how this amazing way of eating delicious foods, can change your life, click the link below!